Fully bright weeks

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From Paris 

Dear you,

They say good brings good. Well these past few weeks proved it to be right!

I am excited by the last pieces of news and I am very happy to share them with you.

I have had the honor to be accepted into the MPA program at the Harvard Kennedy School and to be selected as a Fulbright fellow. I will therefore be able to complete the joint degree with MIT Sloan MBA and to bridge my passion for social change to life both through business and policy.

I take these opportunities also as responsibilities. I will expand my toolset and network to positively impact society. I will keep my focus on closing the achievement gap and look closer at the needed economical and political.

Regarding the current agenda, I am working on the Cartes Blanches initiative’s launch. We now have dates – June 4th/5th – and a place – Orange’s offices in Paris-. Many new supporters are coming on board such as the National Organization for Unemployment – Pôle Emploi -, the Strate college of design, the Up Graduate startup, and many others. We will have the chance to welcome great speakers such as Mr. Gilles Babinet, digital ambassador for France to the European Comission, and Mr. Joël de Rosnay, one of the greatest French minds of the century. The first hackathon on academic and professional orientation in the digital era should be a success!

Let’s look forward to the future.




Stronger – K.Clarkson


 ” J’ai de la chance – J’aide la chance ” Misstic Paris