Because having a voice is essential

It is a pleasure and honor to have been part of these events


Festival de Innovacion Joven

>> June 2014 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

>> The Future of Education – How empathy is key to learning, How education is a matter of Whys, How we mirror the world and can therefore shape it

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>> August 2014 – Cordoba, Argentina

>> Closure of my Mirror Network world tour on the future of education and work

>> “Connected Autodidacts” – How our ability to learn, by ourselves and through others, has become our best asset in today’s knowledge economy

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Osons la France

>> December 2014 – Paris, France

>> Pitching: Giving chances – bridging economy and education

>> The conference focused of the renewal of the French economy. I discussed the consequences of the growing achievement gap. People and organizations need to be better accompanied in investing in innovative learning and career track.  My aim is to unable them to seize economic opportunities



LIFT Geneva

>> February 2015 – Geneva, Switzerland

>> Panel: the Future of Learning

>> I represented the Generation Y and brought in expertise on: education as a market, EdTech, gaming applied to learning, e-learning, big data related to educational matters, the value of knowledge and human capital


LH Forum

>> April 2015 – San Patriniano, Italy

>> Cartes Blanches: The new frontiers are deeply affecting the way we work and learn; Meanwhile, gaps between citizens and their economies are expanding – How orientation becomes central and what are our options to creatively close the achievement gap

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Printemps de l’Economie 

>> April 15th 2015 – CNAM, Paris

>> Orient paths in the digital era : in the 21st century, to be a citizen you also need to have an economic voice. To be able to participate in today’s society you need to be rightfully prepared for it, yet our educational systems are obsolete and our leaders lack vision. Pedagogy, management, and public administration share the same purpose: assist citizens in revealing their full potential and combine individual, organizational, and societal interests. We need new tools to help us define our learning and professional paths in order to seize the opportunity the future holds.

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Philanthropie Numérique & Financement Participatif – Roundtable Facilitator  

>> April 16th 2015 – Web School Factory, Paris

>> Invited to be the facilitator of this roundtable about the impact of the digital revolution on philanthropy and engagement. Together with representatives from the Fondation de France, My Major Company, and Renaissance Numérique, we explore the future of giving.


Forum Changer d’Ere

>> Juin 2015 – Paris, France

>> Panel: Hacking the Economy

>> Will human capital become the Eldorado or the lost cause of the knowledge economy? How we need to reinvent empowerment logics to make sure growth can be sustainable and shared? What is the value, and more importantly the sense, of learning and working today?