Get a say in tomorrow’s economy


Our globalized world is evolving fast and inequalities are rising.

Many do not have access to the appropriate knowledge or skills to participate in the 21st century economy. Gaps between new technological and scientific frontiers and populations will soon prevent organizations and communities from developing successfully.

I believe the only way to solve this issue is to design innovative solutions bridging education, business, technology, and policy.


I first organized the Mirror Network world tour to explore the futures of education and work.

It lead me to identify an underserved need: guidance counseling in the digital era. Indeed, although more innovative learning and career paths are created, most people and organizations do not know how to seize these opportunities. They need assistance to better care for their human capital.

I therefore founded Cartes Blanches a blended initiative empowering citizens and organizations of the world to better invest in learning and career tracks.

I aim at giving people a chance to fulfill their dreams while contributing to a more dynamic and shared knowledge economy.


ONLINE BLOG – building on the Mirror Network world tour 


> reveal the futures of education & work and the opportunities they hold

> share insights on the achievement gap in the 21st century


> spot the key players from the private/public/non-profit sectors

> identify the various existing responses to the issue


- EDUTAINMENT: organize events to shed light on the achievement gap issue, as well as to promote the innovative digital responses

> exhibitions; live “Role Models Shows”; exciting hackathons

- COMMUNITY: bring together actors from the different sectors committed to bridge the achievement gap and facilitate collaborations

- STARTUP: incubation of digital solutions to the achievement gap

> coming soon…