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Created in 2009, the School of Philanthropy is the first service-learning program in France.

It aims at reconnecting the younger generations with their studies, their communities and themselves. Over a 5-year span, 85% of the participants increased their grades while engaging socially.

The program was always developed in partnership with the National Board of Education and after a 2-years pilot, the Minister of Education decided to scale the program nationally.

Today, 1800 kids from 68 classes in 34 schools have participated in the program. The French Scouts are also implementing an adapted version of it, as well as many after-school programs. More than 60 NGOs have been involved and there are about 30 volunteers each year coming to speak to the children and mentoring the educators.

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1st YEAR : Paris – @BessièrePrimarySchool @Sorbonne 

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2nd YEAR : Paris – @Sorbonne 

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