Managing Learning Organizations 

Bridging business and society
In January 2014, I was hired as the new Executive Director of the Edgar Morin Complexity Chair. Together with the famous philosopher, we designed and launched a program of academic research and activities for the school’s community of students, faculty, alumni, and administrative collaborators.
We focused on building an exciting toolbox for all managers to become better leaders in society, organizations and of themselves. We allowed for a balance between engagement, sustainability and profitability to emerge. We mixed action learning, design thinking, augmented pedagogy and e-learning.
Together with a team of about 20 professors, we created the 1st MOOC of the ESSEC Business School and opened it in French on Coursera. The “Future of Decision Making” attracted more than 12 600 participants from 157 countries. 80% of them completed the 6 week course.
Advancing management education

Based on my 5 years experience in philanthropy and service learning and on my world tour of research on the futures of education and work, I was asked to serve as an internal advisor to the ESSEC’s board. I have been contributing to the school’s pedagogical and digital transition. Indeed, a new Knowledge Lab is now open and projects such as “Design Learning” and the “Cognitive Map” are being implemented together with professors, students and external partners to improve the quality of the degrees. I participate in the creation of a new department dedicated to the management of learning organizations that will help schools, but also companies, to better invest in their human capital. I make sure we include big data, gaming, artificial intelligence and augmented realities in the process. I also integrate a thorough analysis of the market evolution in terms of jobs, skills, tools, and technologies.

Education has become an industry and ESSEC, like any other business, is adapting to remain competitive. Nevertheless, it distinguishes itself as a mission-based school promoting a strong pioneering spirit.

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