Proposing shifts to improve the economy

>> 9 & 10th, April 2015 – San Patrignano, Italy

The first edition of Positive Economy Forum in Italy that was held in San Patrignano on June 12 & 13, 2014 proved highly successful and exceeded all expectations. Indeed, this event gathered around 1,000 participants who had the opportunity to discover renowned Italian and international speakers who shared their vision of the positive economy, receiving broad media coverage.

Building on this success, the second edition of the P+EF San Patrignano be an opportunity to address fundamental general topics in relation to the positive economy, on the one hand, and highlight specific and dedicated topical issues directly related to the community, on the other hand.

50 outstanding international and Italian speakers (business leaders, NGOs, politicians, social entrepreneurs, academics) will share their experience related to positive finance, positive governance, measure of social impact, training and education of future generations, positive values, social and financial inclusion, positive planet.

I will be presenting the Cartes Blanches blended initiative.

The new frontiers are deeply affecting the way we work and learn. Meanwhile, gaps between citizens and their economies are expanding – How orientation becomes central and what are our options to creatively close the achievement gap.

Cartes Blanches aims at exploring existing solutions as well as innovative technologies and designs to propose new digital responses to this issue. The incubated offer will – step by step – target individual, organizational and economical needs. Aligning personal and collective fulfillments will positively impact our societies. Our ability to gather, sort out and use knowledge will make the difference tomorrow. Only by adapting educational systems and career paths will we have a chance to succeed in the future. More advance guidance counseling services are one key to an effective combination of sustainability and competitiveness.


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