Because together, we are the future

It is a pleasure and honor to be part of these communities


Thousand Network: imagine if the leaders of today would have met in their 20s

>> active member of the Paris Hub from 2013

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New World University: international action tank on the future of higher education

>> member of the Think Tank from 2014


Digital Society Forum: by Orange, a think tank on the role of digital in our daily lives

>> contributor since january 2014


A.21 – Apprendre au 21ème siècle: think tank on the future of learning for France

>> member, Generation Y representative


Barbares: change makers, thinkers, dreamers, doers… the Future Frenchies

>> active member of the community from 2014


Futurbulents: exploring weak signals… where is society going ?

>> active member of the community from 2014


Change It Yourself, Education – Night and Day: 

a community of game-changers moving education forward

>> Paris, May 2014 – 200 participants

>> co-organizer and mentor – CIY Night: a whole night of ideation and design of innovative solutions

>> kick starter and co-organizer – CIY Day: a whole day of open stage pitches & workshops. All outputs were presented to key players of the educational sector in France