Identifying underserved niches


Mirror Network began with

An OBSERVATION: our world is changing fast and the gap between the new frontiers of knowledge and people is getting wider, while current educational systems do not provide the necessary skills to work and lead a successful life in the 21st century.

A QUESTION: what do the futures of education and work look like and what is being done to make them accessible?
A MISSION: tour the world to find out about the trends and actors shaping the future of the knowledge economy and identify the underserved niches.


Mirror Network resulted in 

2 MONTHS: June – September 2014, I traveled on my own around the world

6 COUNTRIES: I left from Paris and visited Singapore, Cambodia, the US, Brazil and Argentina

80 COMPANIES: Along the way I had organized companies’ visits and meetings with influencers in the educational, technological, business, and policy sectors

120 BLOGPOSTS: I took hundreds of pages of notes and converted them into blogposts to share insights, references and ideas with a worldwide community of peers

13 BEDS & COUCHES: I could count on old and new friends to host me in every corner of this planet; they taught me so much and I keep building on such extraordinary bonds

1 TEDx: I ended my trip in Cordoba – Argentina – by giving a talk about what I had learned during this adventure

60 RECIPES: I made sure to also satisfy my appetite for delicious food over this incredible summer

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Mirror Network continues in

A PASSION: for people empowerment, future studies focused on education & work, innovative tech and design applied to learning, human capital development

A GOAL: close the achievement gap by leveraging digital innovation

A BLENDED INITIATIVE: Cartes Blanches helps people and organizations invest in learning and career tracks, to better seize and participate in 21st century opportunities

> Online: future studies & benchmark

> Offline: edutainment, community, startup