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It is a pleasure and honor to have been part of these courses

#MOOCMorin   The future of decision making

>> Fall 2014 – On Coursera, exclusively in French

>> Produced by the Edgar Morin Complexity Chair at the ESSEC Business School

>> As Executive Director of the Complexity Chair, I designed the frame, content, and activities of the course. I identified the right speakers and coordinated the development of the project together with the pedagogical and technical teams. I oversaw the communication strategy as well as the animation of the online forum. We made sure to carefully evaluate the course and its implementation.

>> 12 600 participants of which 80% actually completed the course // 10 236 posts on the forum // 151 countries represented

       IMG_4842       photo souvenir - edgar morin & me


C.R.I – Foster Master

>> Fall 2014 – Paris, France

>> Participated in building the 1st master program on leadership in education

>> Taught courses on: strategic project management in education, the business of education and social impact