Because we have the power to make words travel and last

It is a pleasure and honor to have been interviewed and cited in these pieces


Le Positive Post - What citizen for the digital era?  – may 2015

>> Following my talk at the Positive Forum in San Patrignano in April 2015, I was asked to write a Positive Post

>> I chose to discuss citizenship in the digital era and what the 3.0 citizen should be like.


“La déconnexion des élites” –  by Laure Belot –  2015

>> A book on the digital transition impacting the elites worldwide and on the new generations of makers, doers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers, creating and accompanying the change.

>> I have been interviewed about the future of education, as a business, a key issue, and a huge opportunity. I met Laure at the CIY Education Day I had organized in May 2014 in Paris.

IMG_5394 IMG_5395


“ L’espoir philanthropique” –  by Sandrine L’Herminier  – 2012

>> A book on the transition the current philanthropic revolution, investigating the future of social engagement and encouraging the deployment of innovative forms of social impact.

>> I have been interviewed about the School of Philanthropy program I started, enabling kids to engage socially while better understanding how what they learn at school can be used for good.